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I am an Independent PCC, therefore I do not have a support team like the political parties in the campaign.

I have a team of less than 20 helpers across Dorset. Some are members of the public, some are friends, some are Councillors or members of party political groups who agree with me that party politics has no place in policing.

The team of volunteers do several jobs with me, namely:

  • Leafletting in an area near you
  • Driving in an area near you, dropping off stuff or picking up stuff connected to the campaign. You will only be asked to do this for 4 hours on one day a week.

Get involved with the volunteering team by phoning 07522 581381 or by email at

Supporting Martyn

If you want to support Martyn, but you do not have time to volunteer then you can:

Put 50 leaflets through your neighbours’ doors (Contact me, & we will drop them off)

Put an A3 or A4 poster in your home or work window, or your car window (Contact me, & we will get one to you)

Get involved with supporting Martyn by phoning 07522 581381 or by email at

Donating to Martyn’s Campaign

Trying to reach 700,000 people as an Independent candidate is very challenging.

Just designing, producing and delivering a leaflet to every house costs over £20,000.

If you want to donate £1, £10 or £50 to help keep party politics out of Dorset Police, then please click here:

Please note, that to comply with election law, I will need your name and address if you donate, thanks!

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