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21 Mar

Referendum Statement

The question being asked is “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?

Ultimately, this is a deeply personal decision for us all. I have followed the debate and

developments in Brussels carefully and, until this week, reserved judgement. I was undecided,

waiting to see what deal the Prime Minister could achieve. However, that process has now reached

its conclusion and I am convinced that the needs of the British people, and that of Dorset residents,

are best served by Britain leaving the European Union.

I have been very open about my grave concerns with regard to the security of our sea and air ports

and the movement of people across our borders. I am also worried about Britain’s sovereignty from

a policing and judicial point of view. I do not believe the new proposals deal with these issues. The

Home Secretary has rightly said that “While European countries must work together to tackle

terrorism, our national security is ultimately our responsibility, not Europe’s.” I therefore look

forward to our country potentially re-instating its border controls and recovering its legal autonomy.

This vote takes place after the PCC elections in May. If the country votes to leave the EU and I am re-

elected, I will be working with colleagues to ensure that issues such as the Human Rights Act, the

European Arrest Warrant, counter terrorism issues and information sharing protocols are

adequately transitioned for the benefit of the British people including the people of Dorset.

Equally, if the country votes to remain in the EU, and I am re-elected, I will continue to lobby to

improve our border security.

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