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To Reduce The Numbers Of Victims Of Crime

This links in many ways to the earlier pledge on keeping Dorset as one of the safest places in the UK. The key to this victim’s pledge is to reduce the number of “repeat victims”.

The police have got a lot better in identifying repeat victims, and now have a policy for escalating intervention as a victim continues to be targeted. However, they can get better.

I will establish a Repeat Victim Champion who will co-ordinate police and partner interventions in the difficult complicated cases, making sure there is a constant and Forcewide approach to difficult and complex cases.

I will also expand the work we currently do with Dorset Healthcare in keeping repeat victims with serious mental illness safe.

And finally, we can really impact on repeat victims if we reduce re-offending.

(See my re-offending pledge here)

It has been a difficult and cluttered landscape with the Government Transforming Rehabilitation agenda launching as I became PCC.

The privatised part of the old Probation Trust (called the CRC) has struggled to meet some of its services such as peer mentoring or public mentoring, which I intend to try and pick up in this term.

Additionally, I have been in talks with the AFC Bournemouth Community Engagement Team about extending their referral path to include some young offenders.

All of these measures will help reduce the number if victims.

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