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To Protect People At Risk

Policing priorities have shifted enormously in the last 4 years. Now the issue of “threat risk and harm” and the protection of vulnerable people combined with cyber-crime threats has arguably changed policing for ever.

Most policing commentators expect three things to happen during the next term of the PCC:

  1. The reports of the elderly being exploited or abused will increase dramatically as public awareness grows, and police and partner expertise in this area grows.
  2. The reports of child sexual abuse will continue to grow hugely, even as fast as fourfold, meaning as many as 200,000 reports in England and Wales by 2020.
  3. Cyber crime will continue to be a huge threat at local, regional, national and an international level

In this climate, it is crucial that the Chief Constable and I keep Dorset Police “ahead of the curve”. I will provide resources and funding to meet the challenges as new or increased crime trends begin to emerge.

Policing alone cannot protect vulnerable people. The approach has to be done in partnership, and arguably, all partners need to pool resources, budgets and staff to achieve protection of the vulnerable. I have helped drive the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) with our partners across Dorset, but arguably this is only the first step. A vulnerable person’s directorate, cutting across age barriers of children and adult, with pooled partner budgets, is the aspiration, and something I will work towards on your behalf.

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