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Protect Our Rural and Marine Communities

Marine Section

In 2012, I pledged to retain the Marine Section that Dorset Police were going to disband. We have done this, and purchased a new RHIB named “Flare”.

The role of the marine section has become more important since the events in Paris.  The unit must also help keep our waters safe. I intend to fund an extra post in the unit, allowing it to maintain cover across two shifts.

Rural Policing

We have done a lot in the rural crime arena, including:

  1. Providing more rural vehicles
  2. Undertaking the “Rural Crime Review” in 2013, leading to a new Rural Crime Toolkit for officers, and we have increased the training available on rural and wildlife crime
  3. Produced a new rural crime newsletter to highlight rural crime issues
  4. Joined the National Rural Crime Network
  5. Lobbying MP’s to amend the antiquated poaching laws, and to increase court penalties.

But we can do more. It is well known that the rural community have greater concerns about crime more than our residents in the conurbation. To address this, I intend to create a Rural Crime Team. This resource will be full time to prevent, investigate and prosecute rural crime matters, based on the North Wales model.

The Rural Crime Team will address such as:

  1. Wildlife and environmental crime
  2. Improve crime prevention and security to rural communities and businesses
  3. Thefts of farm equipment, diesel, horse tack and vehicles from rural areas
  4. Theft of livestock
  5. Reducing arson
  6. Communication with rural communities

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