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To Continue to Protect Public Funds


I have been prudent and accountable for the way I have spent public money throughout my term, working to the Police and Crime Panel and the Joint Independent Audit Committee.

I will continue to undertake this position, making sure that public money is respected and spent wisely.

As this is a new manifesto, with new priorities, I also pledge to have an independent review of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, to ensure that the team supporting the PCC is correctly aligned to the new Police and Crime Plan. This review could re-shape the team, and the size of it, to achieve best value. I will consult the Police and Crime Panel on the proposed changes. It is important to note, however, that the Home Secretary has made it clear that she envisages PCC’s having more responsibility, which she will announce after the election.

This is another reason to review the team, and their functions. The areas of responsibility that are being talked about or alluded to by Government are one or all of;

  1. Taking over funding and governance of Youth Offending Teams
  2. Taking over the governance and budget of Fire and Rescue
  3. Taking over the governance and budget of Her Majesty’s Courts
  4. Taking over the front end of Police Complaints

Police structures

Through my position on the College of Policing Professional Committee, I will encourage and support the force and the wider policing service to explore opportunities arising out of the College of Policing, “Leadership Review” in order to seek to minimise supervisory costs whilst maintaining appropriate leadership and management oversight.

I will also help the force develop innovative ways to allow the best people to enter and progress through the service.

Police Budget

I will maintain my position that I do not believe in putting Dorset Police in debt, and will resist proposals to borrow money. Dorset is one of a few Forces that is currently a debt free organisation, something I am proud of, and I will continue in that vein. Remember that Dorset is not only debt free, it has also discharged its pension liability (which very few Forces have done) and still has adequate reserves and a balanced budget next year. I will continue to uphold this prudence.

The Police Funding Formula

I have been one of the PCCs instrumental in obtaining a review of the Police Funding Formula. Dorset has been one of the worst funded Forces for too long. I will continue to fight for Dorset to receive a fair share of the allocation in the future.

Solar Electricity

I have installed solar panels on the roof of Blandford Police Station, and will continue to explore environmentally friendly ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and save public money

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