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Party Politics Vs An Independent

If you read the Dorset Echo interview of me as a candidate you will see the reporter comment:

Interviewer: Party political candidates have suggested they have greater access to political mechanisms, MPs, ministers.

So let’s examine that comment in detail.

  1. Yes, the party politicians will have access to their Ministers, whether in opposition or in Government. But the trade-off for that is that they will expected to follow party lines, and follow the whip. That takes away independence, and the solutions needed for Dorset alone. I have access to the same Ministers. As an Independent PCC, I work with Ministers all the time. I chair one of the PCC national groups and I lead nationally on the “use of force” and for mental health issues

    I am very busy nationally. I have sat with the Home Secretary on national groups, and she has praised my work.

  1. We have 8 MP’s. In 2012 7 were Tory, and 1 was Lib Dem until all 8 became Conservative in 2015. I meet them in Parliament, I meet them in their constituency, and I meet them as a group. I have met constituents with our MP’s individually.

    Two of our Dorset MP’s have worked with me in relation to Private Members Bills. I have met two MP’s in Parliament in the last 4 weeks.

  1. In the past 3 years, some of my meetings with the Policing Minister have been with a Tory PCC present as well. Being Independent is not a block to making things happen.

I regularly lobby Government, and I have succeeded in many areas.

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