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Why do you need a Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner?

When I was elected I pledged not to have a Deputy as I did not want to add to the costs which are borne by the taxpayer.  During my first term, it became increasingly obvious that the job has grown and grown, having more responsibility and funding than originally expected. And the role will continue to grow.

As well as the size of the role, there is the issue of continuity. In the last 3 years, we have seen one PCC sadly die in service, and two become seriously ill. A Deputy will provide continuity in the role if I become ill.

And finally, as usual, I have been completely transparent. After the first PCC elections, several PCC’s (especially from the political parties) appointed Deputies or Assistants without any scrutiny, and many were personal friends. In keeping with the recommendations of the Public Affairs Committee, I therefore have named my Deputy as my running mate, long before the election. I am very fortunate to have found Mr Pipe, whom I didn’t know until last year. He is qualified well for the job, and has graciously worked for me for over a year now for no wage or recompense.

This means I haven’t broken my pledge to the electorate of not adding to the cost to the public without a mandate and I have not.
I made a pledge to not spend public money on a Deputy, and I haven’t.

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