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Martyn At Home

Martyn Underhill is the first directly elected Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Dorset.  He was elected in November 2012 as an Independent PCC.

Prior to his retirement after 30 years’ service, Martyn was a Chief Inspector and Detective Chief Inspector in Sussex Police. Martyn has a Master’s Degree and a Diploma in Criminology and Policing. He is also a qualified Project and Programme Manager.

He was best known for being second in charge of the Sarah Payne murder enquiry, where Roy Whiting abducted and murdered 8-year-old Sarah, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Martyn received a commendation from the Sussex Police Authority for his role in this case. He went onto be an advisor in other missing children enquiries, including Millie Dowler, Danielle Jones and the Soham murders.

Martyn retired to Poole in Dorset in 2009, and prior to standing for election, he worked at a language school, sat on the Local Children’s Safeguarding Board and lectured at 2 universities. He was also involved in several charities, including Circles, a charity that aims to keep children safe by monitoring and working with high risk sex offenders.

Martyn is an ex foster parent, and he also undertakes a lot of charity work in his spare time.

Nationally, he sits on the Missing People Advisory Group, plus he is a trustee of the Police Arboretum Memorial Trust and the Police Scholarship Trust.

Locally he works with several local charities such as:

Actsfast –  He stood down as their Patron in March 2016 to allow for the election.

BourneFree – Trustee, Martyn stood down as the Vice Chair in December 2015 to allow for the election.

West Howe Community Enterprise –  Trustee – Martyn stood down as the Chair in December 2015 to allow for the election.

Safewise – Trustee

Socially Martyn is a member of Parkstone Rotary Club, he became a Rotarian in 2006. Martyn also became a mason in 2012 and belongs to the Hampshire (Rowena) and Dorset (St Aldhelms) Masonic Lodges.

Martyn is passionate about Dorset and its history. He belongs to the Dorset Society of Men, which celebrates all things Dorset.

In 2014 Martyn moved from Alderney in Poole to a rural location near Wimborne with his wife Debs. They have various pets including two dogs, a cat, a tortoise and, most recently, they have added a barn owl called Ruby to their family.

Martyn and Debs love travelling, animals, reading and cooking.