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To Make Dorset Roads Safer Through Education and Prevention

Across the country, deaths and serious injuries on our roads is rising for the first time in nearly two decades. This is mirrored in Dorset. Every death or serious injury devastates families and communities. The cost to society is huge.

I am determined to “try something different” to try and reduce these tragedies.

Whilst police enforcement will always have a role to play, it is clear that, as a community, Dorset needs to do things differently by informing and educating our drivers to consider risks and consequences. Driver actions and “poor decision making” remain the main reason for the serious accidents.

For example, we educate drivers who break the speed limit or jump a red light. However, what do we do with the rest of the driving population, some of whom drive really badly? Unless those people break the law and get caught, we don’t interact with them. Yet the first bad mistake that person makes could result in a road death. We need to reach that person before that crash happens.

This could be a step change in policing. To target and educate the general driving population, rather than those caught breaking the law is a bold and new approach.

I will do this three ways:

  1. I will commission road safety charities to run courses and training to the drivers that want to improve their driving, and enhance the schemes offered by some of our Local Authorities. I will work with charities such as Safewise and the Institute of Advanced Motorists
  1. I will redesign the Dorset Roadsafe website so that it becomes a centre of excellence for road safety, prevention and education. A portal to pathfinder schemes across the UK, a library of best practice and a signpost to road safety organisations.
  1. I will work with the No Excuse team to raise awareness for drivers of the risks involved in poor decision making.

Drink Driving

We know that drinking plays a huge part in serious injury and fatal accidents, and both categories are rising. It is a bigger problem here in Dorset than nationally.

As your PCC, I will continue to lobby Government to lower the drink driving limit to the same level as in Scotland and in Europe, and to provide resources for the police to tackle this drink drive issue.

Drug Driving

Drug driving is becoming more and more of an issue and we need to educate the public about the risks and consequences.  I will undertake an awareness campaign across Dorset.

From an enforcement point of view, I will expand the availability of drug driving kits to more officers in the Force.

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