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Public Engagement

In my term, I have interacted 250,000 times with our communities and engaged with over 35,000 people face to face in my term. I have won an award for the way we engage with you, the people of Dorset.

However, engagement changes as society changes, and so will I.

As well as delivering constituent surgeries, community days and victim surgeries, I want to enhance the way we capture your views of policing and community safety, especially if you belong to the rural community, the youth of Dorset or the elderly. I will publish an annual community engagement report, highlighting the views of the people. This report will inform the Chief Constable, the Force and myself.

In addition, I am going to create a panel of the public, and a Councillor, to work with myself and the Force on improvements to the 101 service. This panel will examine complaints about the service, and the members of the public will be invited to listen to calls, to monitor the service.


I will continue to challenge the police on your behalf, as I have done for over three years.

For examples of how I have challenged the police, see below:

The use of taser in custody suites

The closure of front offices


Read here for more details of Martyn’s challenges


I have never agreed to police officers investigating police, and I welcome the Government proposals to increase the role of the PCC in relation to this area. The Government is working this through at the moment as they change the IPCC to the Office of Police Conduct. I intend to explore making the initial point of contact for police complaints to be my office, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. This will allow my team, and myself, to be more involved in receiving complaints, and to help resolve complaints with the police at the lower level of the scale.

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