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Why do you keep saying “its operational” in letters to people or in the press?

As PCC I am in charge of setting the Policing Plan, driving financial and organisational strategy, whilst the Chief Constable is in charge of operational policing. This difference in the roles is quite deliberate, it would be wholly wrong for a politician to intervene in operational policing, as soon as you do, you influence democracy and the whole principle of policing by consent.

There are occasions when the principle of what the police do (i.e. the way they use force or the way they stop and search people) can be challenged by me, and I have done this, but I have rarely intervened in individual cases, it would be inappropriate and wrong.

Therefore, some of the issues people raised with me are entirely the responsibility of the Force and for the Chief Constable.  It would be wholly wrong for me to comment on such issues as this would undermine the Force position, especially if the case is still being investigated or prosecuted.  I cannot prejudice that independence as it would undermine my ability to hold the Force to account. I do sometimes get involved in issues once they have finished being dealt with by the police, i.e. after the case has finished.

I do this to learn from issues raised, or adopt best practice if applicable.

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