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To Improve Technology and Infrastructure

There are 5 Police Forces in the South West. The South West region is currently exploring numerous ways to work together in relation to IT. Additionally, we are exploring common IT platforms with our Strategic Alliance partner Devon and Cornwall. These initiatives achieve savings of public money, and help join up the dots across the region. I will continue to pursue improved technology for the Force, the Strategic Alliance and the region.

By continuing the Strategic Alliance between Dorset and Devon and Cornwall, we will continue to deliver efficiency savings, and I am committed to continue this alliance. Some of the alliance savings (we are looking to save £15m between both Forces) can be used to re-invest in high priority areas such as protecting vulnerable people and protecting people on line.

Dorset Police and I believe that policing should rely on Evidence Based Policing methods, in other words, only use police tactics that have been shown to work by proper academic research and evaluation. By sitting on the College of Policing Professional Committee, I am ideally placed to identify best practice nationally that we can bring to Dorset.

I have already worked with the Chief Constable to introduce body worn video’s, drones and mobile laptops.

However, I intend to continue these initiatives.  I remain convinced that aerial drones can change the way we police Dorset, and I will invest in more advanced drones to assist police in relation to missing people, capturing crimes in action and in recording evidence in major incidents such as serious car crashes.

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