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I never see a police officer any more

The fact is there are fewer officers on the beat these days.  The days of your village bobby strolling around have almost gone for ever.  The Force now operates on the basis of reacting to situations involving threat, risk or harm and on intelligence aimed at prevention of these situations.  We do still have Neighbourhood Policing Teams in your communities to problem solve and work with communities. However, empirical evidence shows us that simply having officers walking the streets does not prevent or detect crime, although we know it does have the effect of making people feel safer.

It is also important to remember that as crime goes online, so must police officers. Cyber-crime is by far the biggest threat to our society for a generation, and we need police to deal with this as well. This will clearly remove some officers from the streets. But remember that I am totally committed to having a police footprint in the main communities across Dorset, and I am committed to preserving Neighbourhood Policing Teams in those communities. Neighbourhood Officers and PCSO’s will always be a part of the policing landscape whilst I am your PCC.

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