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How Are You Funded in the Campaign?

I have been funded for small amounts by several individuals who are friends or supporters and these will be declared openly and transparently.  I am most grateful to those who have assisted financially as the cost of standing can be prohibitive to independents who do not have the resources of a party machine to assist and support them. It costs over £20,000 to produce and deliver a leaflet to every house in Dorset.

I have also been funded by Mark Constantine, the owner of Lush, for a considerable amount of money, to assist my campaign. It is mainly Marks money, and my own, that has paid for the leaflets. Mark assisted me in my last campaign, and does not expect anything in return. He is a philanthropist, he donates £5m a year to deserving causes, and believes, like me, that party politics must be kept out of policing. This gift will be declared as well.

Please read my full blog post here.

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