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Tackling Crime, Extremism and Terrorism

The Specialist Policing Requirement (SPR) identifies a number of functions which need to be met by forces through a combined or collaborative effort to meet the more complex challenges faced by Police.

Those involved in serious and organised crime are not constrained by geographical boundaries which makes it difficult for single forces or agencies to deal with the issues alone meaning a combined approach is not only efficient but more effective. To do this we need to improve the ability of forces and agencies to work with and alongside each other which means standardisation to allow interoperability.

In doing so we must also understand that this shared capability needs to be governed in different ways at either cross force, regional or national level. As PCC it is my statutory responsibility to pay due regard to the SPR and play a role in the governance to ensure delivery against the requirements.

I will work with partners and regional Forces to keep you safe in this agenda. The response for most of this area is a regional response, and is part of the Home Secretary’s Strategic Policing Requirement. I will, however, continue to lobby the Government to improve our port security, something that I feel very strongly about.

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